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Tribute to Lee Boz May

Village President Sheena Collum said it perfectly - Never easy to pay tribute to someone who was one in a bazillion. Lee May, who we all called "Boz", is such a tremendous loss for the South Orange community but she wouldn't want tears or sadness. I grabbed this picture from Gregory Burrus because it just reminds me of her vibrant personality. She was the type of individual you would fall in love with, she made it very easy.

Lee May

She passed Friday 4/17 /2020 and at the moment we don't know why, but I would stay in touch as we are all Social Distancing due to Coronavirus. Lee was kinda known for not being most responsive on the phone but I'd send an email and boom I'd get an answer back - " all is ok". I am going to miss my buddy Lee Boswell May aka Facebook "Boz May" because as much as social media can give you a name change it was clear she loved the real world. Lee was always out in the community, supporting the community and being a staunch advocate for live music. She curated the very popular South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) series Jazz in the Loft and the highly regarded Giants of Jazz series with her jazz partner bass player John Lee, would become a jazz vocalist when the mood hit her in addition to being an active SOPAC volunteer .

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